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Bourbon, Horse Racing and Bluegrass: Explore Louisville, Kentucky

Bourbon, horse racing, and bluegrass are not the only things that symbolize Louisville. They are, however, the most enduring Any horse lover worth their salt knows Louisville is the best place to immerse yourself in all things horses. It’s where you can find Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby Museum after all! Always check to make sure you will be visiting at a time when the museum is actually open. There are several tours to choose from and it all depends on what you want to see and how long you want to spend at the museum. Did you...

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Girl Getaways Charleston [Southern Charm mixed with Southern Sauce]

Charleston is a Top Ten Destination Charleston in certainly in the top ten destinations I love to visit. The history and laid back nature lends itself to a relaxed weekend getaway with my girlfriends, or with anyone for that matter. It’s a place full of a charm thought by many to have left this world. Step off the plane or out of the car and let yourself and your friends experience true Southern hospitality! Home to the Country’s Oldest Public Garden Similar to Louisiana and Savannah, there are many plantations you can visit. Magnolia Plantation and Gardens isn’t a...

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Girls Getaway Savannah [Food, Pubs, Movie Tours and More]

I’ve always had a sweet spot for Savannah… The name alone conjures up a slower pace to enjoy life. A couple of years ago, my husband surprised me by inviting some of our friends to take a day trip to Savannah. Reminiscing about it made me think how much fun it would be to go again with some of my girlfriends. Here’s a short weekend getaway itinerary that anyone can follow as a guide! While Savannah has a lot to offer, what you and the group end up doing ultimately depends on what you all want and your interests....

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