Author: Kim Smyth

Converting to Paleo in 4 Easy Steps

Sometimes you gotta shake it up to wake it up and…waking it up can mean a whole new level of energy and health! Imagine…waking up, filled with energy, feeling great in your own skin! At first glance, making the transition to a Paleo lifestyle can seem challenging and expensive. Afterall, anytime you chuck out an existing habit and replace it with something new, there is bound to be a little shake up! But, as they say, sometimes you gotta shake it up to wake it up! And in the case of Paleo – waking it up can mean a...

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Flax: A Tiny Seed with Big Promise

A tiny seed with a big promise: To love your heart and reduce the risk of stroke, cancer, and diabetes. Flax seed has healthy goodness built right in! This superpower reputation stems from at least 3 things: ALA Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Lignans, and Fiber. Flaxseed has been cultivated and recognized for centuries for doing something special for your health, even before the science emerged to support a traditional belief. So why don’t more of us add a little shake of seed to our nutritional day? Are You Getting Your Daily Flax Fix? There is a lot of good news...

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