Author: Gianluca DeBlasio

Grandma’s Lost Habits [Wisdom and Healthy Lifestyles from the Old Country]

Everything we ate was grown at a walking distance from where she lived… Even ghosts stop to have lunch in Southern Italy! The air outside was warm and you could sense the coming of summer. It was lunchtime, and the sun was at its height. Not a soul to be seen. Even ghosts stop to have lunch in Southern Italy! The table was set. The colors of that Mediterranean land lay on that table. Large fresh green olives, freshly picked tomatoes dressed with oregano and olive oil, thinly sliced fennel with a pinch of pepper, succulent slices of homemade...

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Breathtaking Sorrento and a Wedding [Love, Italian Style]

A light breeze from the sea caressed my face. The air was warm. It was a pleasant mild morning. From afar, gazing in my direction was the quiet ruler of Napoli: the Vesuvius. Neapolitans have lived under its peaceful rule since 1944. Yet, it hasn’t always been that way. That fascinating Volcano has been responsible for havoc and destruction. Pliny the Younger, a Roman poet, recounts the last moments of Pompeii in a letter to his friend Tacitus – it is breathtaking. I was sipping a fresh Tassoni. A drink too often overlooked outside of Italy. It is a...

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Traveling Under a Tuscan Sun [Florence]

On our way to Florence, we encountered a picturesque landscape. Tuscany is an incredible blend of vineyards, olive trees, and sunflower fields stretched out on a hilly landscape. Thanks to the arrival of foreigners – mainly wealthy Brits and Americans – abandoned barns have been brought back to life, and converted to retiree homes. In recent years, Tuscany has enjoyed great media attention also thanks to books such as Under the Tuscan Sun. As a direct consequence, property prices have shot up tremendously. Today, foreigners who cannot afford Tuscany are moving to Puglia, another fantastic and up and coming...

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An Italian Journey [Part 2]

My wife and I spent a few days at my parent’s house. We arrived at lunchtime, and for people that know me, that is my favorite part of the day. It was time to prove my wife why Italian food is the best in the world. At home, my parents had prepared a traditional Neapolitan lunch. Freshly made pane cafone – the traditional Neapolitan bread. Made from natural yeast and cooked in a wooden fired oven. When in Napoli, ask to try it, it is exquisite with a bit of olive oil. Sitting by the bread there she was…the...

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An Italian Journey [Part 1]

My wife and I used to quarrel about Italian food. I would argue that Italian is the best cuisine in the world, she would disagree. I would cry out that mozzarella is not a cheese but just mozzarella, she would laugh. I loved pasta, she barely ate it, and she called it boring. It would confuse her if I said that Italians were not all the same and that every region had its own life. My wife is Spanish/American, and I had to do something. So we decided to embark on a journey. Last October, we took some time...

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