Author: Dawn Damico

Chasing the Setting Sun: Croatan National Forest

Did you hear the one about the blonde chick that headed east to experience the sunset?… Eastern North Carolina is surrounded by water. Large rivers, the Intercoastal Waterway, various inlets, sounds, and of course the Atlantic Ocean…just to name a few. If you get to the right spot at the right time, you can actually end the day by watching the sun melt into the horizon. If you point yourself in the right direction, that is. So off I went, mobile compass apps be damned. I headed to Pine Cliff near the Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station in...

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National Iced Tea Day: Refreshing Everyday Recipes

Since living in the South, I’ve discovered the seductive allure of sweet tea. At first sip, you’ll imagine yourself gathered in an antebellum garden, hoop skirt hooping, parasol in tow, pinky out, gloved hands, and a playful laugh as you toss back your ringlet curled hair. It’s the Taste of Southern Hospitality and Charm However, if you’re not from around these parts and were not weened on the syrupy flavors…brace yourself. Not too long ago, we were driving across country. From the health-crazed sunshine of southern California where the “no-white-stuff” diet advice was running rampant to the sweet state...

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