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Apple Power Smoothies [3 Simple Recipes for Liquid Sunshine]

Sometimes, you just wanna drink your breakfast…or lunch…or snack without adding a lot of processed sugar or chemicals. Smoothies are an easy, healthy way to begin your day, or provide a little pick-me-up in the afternoon. You can take the basic recipes here and add stuff like protein powder, chia seeds, and nuts to turn it into a meal. The directions are easy: Layer the ingredients in your high-powered blender beginning with the liquid. This makes it easier for your blades to chop and puree everything perfectly. You can store in mason jars and freeze to enjoy later in...

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Fairytale Brownies – Wings Optional [Chocolate Review]

Bite-sized, melt in your mouth, heaven… Fairytale Brownies are 3” x 3” little bites of heaven! The top has a light, flaky crust and as you bite in your mouth is delighted by its rich fudge texture. It’s a small square and you’ll notice that 1 serving is just 200 calories…but the serving size is just half of the brownie. So, this really is a treat to be taken lightly. The good news is, if you have some willpower and just want to take the edge off your chocolate craving…just a couple bites will do. No willpower? Go for...

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Ducking the Island: Art and Nature on Harkers Island, NC

Harker’s Island is for the birds. The 4-mile square island is a perfect habitat for our feathered friends since one quarter of the area is covered in water. But there are people here too. Friendly people. Folks who went to the trouble of building a beautiful museum because they wanted a place to gather with their friends and neighbors. And, they’re nice enough to let other people in too! When you come over the bridge off the US-70 you’re greeted by water front homes sitting proudly on stilts among the trees. You’ll pass a couple of restaurants, and by...

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Tasting Temptation: Wilmington Wine & Chocolate Festival

Ok…that’s a little bit of a lie. The Wilmington Wine and Chocolate Festival isn’t only about tasting…it’s also about seeing, feeling, listening and smelling a tempting variety of “somethings” that will leave a smile on your face…or in the case of Friday night’s comedy act…make you lol! (my daughter tells me that means laugh out loud…) The Wine and Chocolate Festival is a weekend-packed event, organized by a group of amazing volunteers, VOCAL (Volunteer Older Citizens Action League) with proceeds benefiting activities and services of The New Hanover County Senior Resource Center. When you go, plan on attending more...

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