Author: Dawn Damico

Can You Change Your Life in 5 Seconds?

None of us wake up with the thought “Today is the day I’m going to destroy my life….” Many of us understand the concept of our “reptilian” brain. This is the part of our brain which protects us from harm. It is often referred to when we stop ourselves from doing something which we fear doing (like asking for a raise, public speaking, or confronting a difficult situation in a relationship). They say our brain is keeping us from harm but when it comes to our modern-day “dangers”, most are not life-threatening. Most are simply uncomfortable. This information about...

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Want to Eat Healthier? It’s all in the Tools!

It’s all in the tools… Any craftsman will tell you it’s much easier to create a masterpiece when you have the right tools. Same thing goes for the kitchen! And, you don’t have to be an accomplished chef to create meals at home which taste like a masterpiece and provide added benefit to your health. It’s starts with stocking the right tools and ingredients. Here are a few kitchen favorites which every healthy cook will love: . Vegetable Spiralizer A simple attachment to your mixer makes creating vegetable noodles easy… Replace your pasta with vegetable spirals for an instant...

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Does This Shampoo Make Me Look Fat?

Our modern lifestyle is filled with chemicals that could be affecting our weight… Have you ever picked out a shampoo based on how it smells? How about deodorant? How about your household cleaners? Personally, I love the smell of basil or lemon or orange when I clean the kitchen counters. But is it possible these wonderful aromas are making it harder for you to lose weight? If you find yourself doing everything else right: eating mostly healthy meals, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, and consistently exercising every week, yet still struggle with maintaining a healthy weight then...

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Which Islands Are Ready for Travelers After the Storms? [Update November 2017]

Which Islands Are Ready for Travelers After the Storms? Some islands were spared extensive storm damage… Months after seeing the devastation of Mother Nature as seasonal hurricanes raged over the Caribbean Islands, many are wondering which islands are ready for winter travelers. Some islands were spared the worse weather, others sustained some damage and are busy with the work of re-building, while some were left in rubble. If you are a traveler with reservations, be sure to work with your travel agent or the resort to be sure you are good to go. If you would like to make...

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Little Goals; Big Joy

People shy away from setting goals because they fear they will fail, it seems like a lot of work, or it just takes too much energy to spend time planning things out and then (gulp) executing those plans. It so much easier to wait for “someday” to come up on the calendar…and then it never does. If this sounds like you sometimes, don’t worry. It’s completely normal. And, your goals don’t always have to be so big and scary and long-term. Sometimes, it’s little things done every day and every week that are easier to execute and can actually...

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