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5 Moroccan Foods That Are More Familiar Than We Think

North African cuisine may soon be on your top 10 list of favorites… Morocco, located in the North West region of Africa, is separated from Europe by the Strait of Gibraltar, becoming a mix between European, Arabian, African and Berber cultures. This melting pot has recently become a popular destination, mostly known for its exotic cities, warm beaches and the influence of the Spanish and French protectorates. The architecture is a stunning combination between Moorish (a variation of Islamic architecture) and French colonial structure, and the food will take you back to the roots of what used to be...

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Valentine Day? Skip It, Save, and Fire Up the Passion

The Day for Love? It’s coming! It’s coming! The one day of the year where men across the globe are coerced and manipulated and pressured by florists and jewelers and who knows what else into validating their feelings with chocolate, flowers, a romantic dinner, or a weekend escape. What a great deal…for the guy! You mean to tell me that one day out of 365 they “have” to do something nice for their sweetheart? Really? Just one? Ladies…I’m all for romance, and chocolate, and wine, and passionate getaways…but can we just get real here. Romance is a 365 day...

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When Good Travel Plans Go Bad

I expected to wake up surrounded by police tape… At first, things seemed to be going well…. Many people love to travel. Which is exactly why when a big event comes to a town, big prices and big crowds usually follow. It was summer and a summer getaway was in the works. I couldn’t understand why it was so difficult to find a hotel with vacancies. Even harder to find one with a reasonable price. Then, I got a call. “The biggest convention of the year just happens to be the same weekend” Ugh… The convention was not the...

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February is Hot Breakfast Month: Why Do You Love Your Favorites?

Fasting may improve the negative affects of aging… They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But who are “they” and why do they say it? Even more important: What are the best hot breakfast choices? Breaking Your Fast   Breakfast is, literally, breaking our fast. Unless you sleep-eat, your body is in a fasting state from the time you go to bed until you awaken. We have learned slumber-time is a great time for repair. Repair is good for your health. So by avoiding food a few hours before you go to sleep you allow...

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Suite Retreat: Omni Grove Park Inn [Asheville, NC]

Historic Rooms Feature Arts and Craft Furniture The Great Room is Warm and Inviting Built to Last with Large Granite Stones She’s old. She’s had some work done. Still, thousands of romantics and lovers, scholars and artisans, businessmen and families, flock to her every year for the opportunity to catch a glimpse of her rugged beauty. But her beauty is not the only draw. When her doors glide open to weary travelers ascending the stone paved driveway, they are instantly greeted by a welcoming smile and two massive stone fireplaces, built to burn 12-foot logs, standing at opposite ends...

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