Author: Candace Amarante

Homage to the Tomato…and to you Mommy!

In a huge, sterile kitchen at a cooking school in downtown Tokyo… It is no mystery that the best tomatoes in the world are found on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, south of Naples, Italy. But I neither discovered the value of the tomato nor my love of food in Italy, but in Tokyo, where I spent most of my childhood. I was nine years old at the time. I found myself tagging along with my mother to a cooking class, where she was to demonstrate how to make an easy Western meal to young Japanese ladies. It was...

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Pregnant in Piedmont

Crocetta—Breakfast “No, No, No, No!” “Ma come é possible?” (Italian for “How can that be?”) “No, No, No, No!” Dottoressa Persico yelled while waving a reprimanding finger in my face. Dejected, I stood on the weighing scale in her office in Salerno, Italy. Dottoressa had weighed me three weeks before and for a woman who was 25 weeks pregnant, I was within range. Obviously, this was not the case now. When we moved to Italy from my home state of New York in December 2006, I was six months pregnant.Upon arrival in my husband’s hometown, Salerno, I went to...

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