Author: Amy Oestreicher

Who Has Time for Art [Benefits of Art]

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. ~Pablo Picasso Warrior…Hero…Artist. Read the latest from Amy Oestreicher and be ready to be filled in inspiration… In a normal workday, who has time for art? The better question is “who can afford to go without it?” In work and in life, don’t we just want to find happiness, satisfaction, and open possibilities in what we might discover?  Maybe we should start to reframe our view of “art” and “creativity.”  Art is more than a hobby – it’s an answer. My name is Amy Oestreicher, and according to...

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The Simplest Thanksgiving Tradition I’m Going To Pass On To My Children

Gratitude is realizing that seasons change… Thanksgiving in a Complicated World Turkey dinners, cranberries, candied yams, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and family dinners. Family, and those relatives we wish weren’t family, swapping stories, and bonding over football. Really complicated seating arrangements as we debate which uncle should NOT be sitting next to which cousin. There are certain traditions we all associate with the All-American day of endless roasts and gelatinous, orange desserts.  Just like the many pumpkin pie recipes you’ll find on the internet, Thanksgiving traditions can get complicated when family’s involved. That’s why my favorite Thanksgiving tradition...

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