Month: February 2018

Starting Fresh at Lake Atitlán [Hit Reset in Guatemala]

A sleepy town known for yoga and the healing arts… Two weeks after quitting a high-stress job in Boston, I’m standing on the shores of Lake Atitlán in southwestern Guatemala. I can see why writer Aldous Huxley called Atitlán, the most beautiful lake in the world. Twelve miles across at its widest point, the lake’s glassy surface reflects the shifting light, clouds, and the blue cones of the surrounding volcanos. Although the lake has long attracted foreign visitors, the towns and villages around Atitlán largely conserve their traditional Mayan culture. Women in handwoven huipils brush shoulders with hippies and...

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The City of White Gold: Schwabish Hall Germany

The city was surrounded by a wide moat… Schwabisch Hall in Germany, the city that owes its wealth to ‘white gold,’ is made famous today by the Goethe Institute, which attracts students from all over the world. They come here to study German, and the courses offered are from basic to higher levels. But students are by no means confined exclusively to classrooms. The city is steeped in history. The old part of town provides spectacular sights, taking you back to medieval times when this was a walled city with 55 lookout towers. It was surrounded by a wide...

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Valentine Day? Skip It, Save, and Fire Up the Passion

The Day for Love? It’s coming! It’s coming! The one day of the year where men across the globe are coerced and manipulated and pressured by florists and jewelers and who knows what else into validating their feelings with chocolate, flowers, a romantic dinner, or a weekend escape. What a great deal…for the guy! You mean to tell me that one day out of 365 they “have” to do something nice for their sweetheart? Really? Just one? Ladies…I’m all for romance, and chocolate, and wine, and passionate getaways…but can we just get real here. Romance is a 365 day...

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When Good Travel Plans Go Bad

I expected to wake up surrounded by police tape… At first, things seemed to be going well…. Many people love to travel. Which is exactly why when a big event comes to a town, big prices and big crowds usually follow. It was summer and a summer getaway was in the works. I couldn’t understand why it was so difficult to find a hotel with vacancies. Even harder to find one with a reasonable price. Then, I got a call. “The biggest convention of the year just happens to be the same weekend” Ugh… The convention was not the...

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5 Ways to Workout With Your Kids

Bottom line is to involve your whole family and to enjoy getting fit together… Parents, we’ve all been there: the thirty minutes in the gym at work after dropping the kids off at school, or the boot camp sessions you spend worrying about your little ones, who are fighting in the corner of the room. These workouts are less than ideal. But luckily, there’s hope: working out alongside your children, instead of sweating it out when they’re not around, will strengthen your relationships, be a whole lot of fun, and—believe it or not—leave you sore the next day. With...

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