Month: January 2018

On Beauty [What Does Amour Look Like…]

“You’re a monster sometimes.” Sometimes we need to ruin the flowered stalk to create a ritual for celebration… Beauty is relative—however, it is also abundant and perennial.  One type of beauty may diminish and morph into a deeper philosophical truth.  Beauty can take the guise of morality and define the outer reaches of what it means to be fully human—to grow into that. The film Amour, directed by Michael Haneke, which was made in 2012 and won the Palme d’Or, is, ostensibly, all about beauty and what is beautiful about life, as well as what are intrinsic elements of...

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In the Village Ruled by Animals: A Semi-Abandoned Georgian Story

Go away human, this is our village now… I notice a cow peeking at me from around the side of the house, the same evil eyes… To my left, two bulls are engaged in some horn- thumping fight. A herd of cows watch on. An elderly, semi crouched lady stands in her front door throwing rocks at the beasts. A failed attempt to break up the fight. Nervously, I observe my surroundings. The dirt-street ahead has just a solo cow, eyeing me with an unsatisfied glare. It’s just a cow… I carry on, protected by a Caucasian Shepherd dog....

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Suite Retreat: Omni Grove Park Inn [Asheville, NC]

Historic Rooms Feature Arts and Craft Furniture The Great Room is Warm and Inviting Built to Last with Large Granite Stones She’s old. She’s had some work done. Still, thousands of romantics and lovers, scholars and artisans, businessmen and families, flock to her every year for the opportunity to catch a glimpse of her rugged beauty. But her beauty is not the only draw. When her doors glide open to weary travelers ascending the stone paved driveway, they are instantly greeted by a welcoming smile and two massive stone fireplaces, built to burn 12-foot logs, standing at opposite ends...

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Apertivo: Celebrate as the Romans Do

They say when in Rome, do as the Romans do… They say when in Rome, do as the Romans do. While you may not want to pick up a smoking habit or an excessive carb intake, you should definitely adopt the practice of the Italian aperitivo into your life. For those that don’t know what aperitivo is, it’s very similar to hors d’oeuvres but significantly better. Aperitivo follows the concept that you should have a drink and a light snack before your dinner in order to stimulate the appetite. The event is incredibly social and meant to be spent...

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Improving Cerebral Palsy with Bacon and Other Delicious Fats

The Ketogenic diet has long been used as a form of treatment for Epilepsy. The cravings were overwhelming – it was like there was a little sugar demon sitting on my shoulder, constantly whispering, “Eat me. Eat me.” Rather recently, I forced myself to quit eating pastries to try improving the health of my brain. I have Cerebral Palsy and like most who suffer from the disorder, I have the joint pain of a grandparent and the balance of a severely drunk man. On top of those issues, my particular brand causes a variety of seizures. For much of...

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