Month: December 2017

6 Tips for Keeping Stress Under Control [Healthy Balance]

Burnout is real and doesn’t come with an appointment… A good night’s sleep is just the beginning of what we need… Whether because of school, work or home life, most modern women have felt at least once already that there are more responsibilities than hours in the average day. To stay ahead or at least afloat, we sometimes schedule everything from our chores to our arrival times with specific goals in mind. However, burnout is real and doesn’t come with an appointment. In addition to meetings and deadlines, we have to make time for recuperation. Sometimes the only way...

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Organic Foods: Remedy for Unwanted Body Chemicals

Real organic foods are grown in nutrient rich soil… Did you know eating organically grown foods is the surest way to free your body from unwanted chemicals? And, an organic lifestyle may help you improve overall health, improve your memory and vigor, and save you money? All this from food? Yes! Food is not only for appeasing hunger but influences every aspect of our well-being both physical and emotional. Food can heal, cure, elevate mood, improve memory, provide us with potent energy and fill us with vigor. Organic foods are cultivated or processed without the use of any type...

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Pressing Forward [an Essay: Rich Life Beneath Dusty Jewels]

I ran my hands over the green-gold and pale violet grape clusters and sang them a song to encourage growth… This glowing blue, marble-sized fruit…cleansing, detoxifying, restorative… Pressing my first Pinot Noir grapes for juice turned out to be a bittersweet experience. Yet the taste of heaven in a glass is superb and well worth the seasons. Sporting a larger than life bouquet of blackberries, with aromas of both the tiny white blossoms on long thorny stems and the tantalizing berries clustered just out of reach, my juice quickly invigorates the palate. My son and daughter-in-law, who gave me...

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