Month: December 2017

Can You Change Your Life in 5 Seconds?

None of us wake up with the thought “Today is the day I’m going to destroy my life….” Many of us understand the concept of our “reptilian” brain. This is the part of our brain which protects us from harm. It is often referred to when we stop ourselves from doing something which we fear doing (like asking for a raise, public speaking, or confronting a difficult situation in a relationship). They say our brain is keeping us from harm but when it comes to our modern-day “dangers”, most are not life-threatening. Most are simply uncomfortable. This information about...

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The Tradition of Christmas Dinnerware [pssst…it’s more than plates…]

I never thought of them as particularly important. Nice to have over the holidays, certainly, Festive, even. Spode, with the iconic Christmas tree in the center of the plates, bowls, platters. Gaily wrapped presents under that tree. Sprigs of holly scattered about and the green trim along the edges. The essence of traditions captured on porcelain. The dishes became part of our family Christmas celebrations almost yearly for twenty-eight years. Pulled out of a dark cupboard a week before Christmas, washed and ready to be piled high with roast beef, ham, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and creamy...

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Self-Discovery during a Weekend in Marseille

Why is the idea of a young girl traveling alone horrific for some people to imagine? Fort Saint Jean… “Reckless!”, they say. “Asking for trouble”, say others. I think it’s probably the age we live in. However, women travel alone all the time and are fine, we just don’t get to hear about the successful cases in the news. In the face of my mother’s worry, I had encouragement from other people and ran with it – despite recently changing my religion where the word ‘carefree’ wasn’t one I found so loosely thrown around anymore. My morals and values...

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Tip to Tip: A Three-Hour Tour on Prince Edward Island

Have you ever noticed that just because you’ve lived in a place all of your life, you don’t always see the wonders that surround you? It took moving away from home to discover the treasures from my backyard… Growing up, my family never owned a car which limited how far we could go. When I was old enough to drive, a depth-perception impairment made driving difficult so once again, my thirst to explore my own home was delayed. Delayed…not stopped. It took moving away from home to find a fellow Islander who soon became my carpool buddy and adventurer...

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6 Tips for Keeping Stress Under Control [Healthy Balance]

Burnout is real and doesn’t come with an appointment… A good night’s sleep is just the beginning of what we need… Whether because of school, work or home life, most modern women have felt at least once already that there are more responsibilities than hours in the average day. To stay ahead or at least afloat, we sometimes schedule everything from our chores to our arrival times with specific goals in mind. However, burnout is real and doesn’t come with an appointment. In addition to meetings and deadlines, we have to make time for recuperation. Sometimes the only way...

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