Month: October 2017

Ghostly Inns: 10 of the Top Haunted Hotels in the United States

You may be checking in for two; however, in these hotels you may find you’re sleeping with an extra guest! Don’t worry, they don’t take up much space. They won’t use extra towels. And it’s not likely they will raid the mini bar. In fact, you may barely even know they are there…until the “witching hour” around 3am. I’ve had my own close encounter at a haunted hotel. On a dare, I stayed on the floor where ghostly encounters had been reported. In fact, as I found out later, I stayed in the very room where my ghost took...

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Top 5 Health Spa Destinations on the East Coast

“I’m going to the spaaaaaa….” Winding down the year and heading into winter hibernation can also mean that you gift yourself with a little “me” time…a little down-time, and the healthy choice of cleansing and nourishing and loving your body from the inside out. Health spa vacations can last a day, a weekend, or longer and more people are taking them every year. There is growing popularity among women and men to slow down and build up a foundation for a good life with clean living, good eating, and a chance to jump-start their long-term health goals. Hilton Head...

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Living with Gratitude in your Marriage

A Letter to My Husband… Do you still want to be married? Of course. To me? Nobody else. Paint me a picture of our future…. I don’t know what it will look like. I only know who will be walking by my side. Me? Of course. My heart is yours. But the world? The world doesn’t matter. It will pass… I like that picture. Me too. *** When things start to seem complicated, it’s good to get back to the basics. Back to what works. It’s only when you start to concern yourself with what everyone else wants that...

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Long-Term Couples Reveal: How to Stay Married

Marriage is a bed of roses…but those roses come with thorns Beautiful moments are shared within a marriage the rest of the world doesn’t get to see… It’s as simple as this: “Don’t get divorced” That was Jamie Lee Curtis’ answer when asked about how she has been able to stay married so long…to the same person. However, if you’re married yourself, you understand how much easier it seems, at times, to end your marriage rather than stick it out for the long haul. I mean, really, what sane person squeezes the toothpaste tube that way! And OMG…if I...

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Joy-Filled Healing: Breast Cancer Awareness

She just filed divorce and had an appointment to see her attorney… Your spiritual awareness and close relationships may not ward off the chemo and radiation; however, they may support you as you uncover your strength… She felt a knot in her breast that morning, but had little time to worry about it because she just filed divorce and had an appointment to see her attorney. Eventually, she made an appointment to see her doctor and was hit with the news of another life change entering her world. Breast cancer. Another woman fell off a ladder before she felt...

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