Month: September 2017

5 Healthy Food Prep Tips for Your Full-Time Life

How healthy is that boxed meal? Hummus sprinkled with flax…get the goodness of legumes Over 75% of shoppers claim to read the nutritional and ingredient labels when buying food. That’s according to Food Business News and it’s a great trend. Ingredients you cannot pronounce, sugars and unhealthy fats dressed up in multi-syllable word, and food stripped of all nutritional value are being rejected after the smart shopper looks at the ingredient label. And, food manufacturers are taking notice as we vote with our purses about what we want in our homes and they are making changes. However, you must...

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Savannah in the Fall

Come Hell or high water, get to Savannah Georgia in the fall to enjoy this historic city in the cool southern weather. If you’re lucky…diamonds will fall from the sky! Discover more…

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Faith Over Fear [Finding Joy in a Crazy World]

Turn on the television, scroll through your social media feed, listen to the radio…there is plenty of scary stuff out there! And because we really only know what we experience in our own life, it’s easy to believe that what’s happening in our world today is unique and signals the end of humanity as we know it! It’s easy to get lost in the hate and fear. Now, I’m certainly not making light of the tragedies we, collectively, have seen and experienced. I was working at a high school when two young men in Columbine shot up their school,...

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Starfish and Gifts of Generosity

It makes all the difference in the world… If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one….  ~Mother Teresa One morning a father and son were walking down the beach. There had been a large storm the night before, so the beach was littered with starfish that had washed ashore. As the two walked along, the father kept bending down to pick up starfish and chucking them back into the ocean. After a couple of minutes, the young boy finally asked, “Dad, why are you throwing the starfish back in the water?” “Son, this starfish needs to...

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