Month: June 2017

Small Spaces, Big Opportunities: Bees and Veggies in the City

Urban bees have a higher survival rate and produce more honey than rural bees… Imagine making honey on top of a ten-story building, or on the roof of an apartment complex in downtown Baltimore… This time of year in Maryland the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming. It’s spring and the honey bees are back to work after the winter freeze, pollinating flowers and making honey, but this year there are fewer of them, and this has been the case for years now. Normally when you picture a beehive, you might picture it hanging...

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Are You a Happy Traveler? [How to Have Better Vacations]

Did you know that there is a science to being happy… It sounds simple enough: Go on vacation. You spend several weeks…or months…scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. Pinning to your dream boards. Picking out the perfect outfits. Talking and planning and wishing… “Oh…that beach looks amazing! Just give me an umbrella drink and I could sit there for weeks!” And then…you get to that beach, umbrella drink in hand, and start to wonder “Is this it?” as you fidget and twitch and grab your phone to check your social media accounts to see what everyone else is...

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The Magnolia Story: Rundown House-ships to Shiplap

The magnolia is an ancient tree that can grow up to 50 feet tall with flowers so tough they cannot be damaged by the beetles who originally pollinated them. (Magnolias are believed to have been in existence before bees!) You half-expect God to reach down from the heavens and pluck the magnolia flowers from the tree. In our world where flowers spring up from the earth, it’s a rare and beautiful sight to see huge white flowers adorning the sturdy branches of the magnolia tree high above the reach of human hands. It’s as if they are put there...

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Floating Restaurant in Kenya: The Moorings Experience

The fish are literally plucked from the ocean and prepared for you as you watch… At the Moorings, you feel the cool breeze from the ocean and smell the sweet aroma from the delectable dishes being prepared in the nearby kitchen… We work hard in this hustle and bustle world and it’s important to relax and reinvigorate our body, mind, and soul. It’s also important to get a good value for your hard-earned money. I was ready for some rest and relaxation; however, I had made up my mind not to avoid eateries along the coastal region of Kenya...

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Is Your Sunscreen Only Skin Deep? [Enjoy the Sun from the Inside Out]

We don’t have to surrender to wrinkles simply because we enjoy the great outdoors… It’s summertime! Remember to protect your skin from the inside out… It’s summertime! And for most of us that means longer days, spending more time outdoors (hopefully) near the water, chasing after some “healthy” color, hiking, biking, swimming, tennis-ing (is that a word?), outdoor yoga-ing, golfing, gardening, and in general, moving our bodies to the lively beat of summer. And while the delicious warmth of the summer sun feels wonderful on our skin after winter hibernation, we must take care of our largest organ (our...

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