Month: April 2017

Life Learning and Joy

Like an unwrapped gift which, in time, reveals the treasure inside… Joy is found in the most surprising moments… Most of us come into the world crying. Why? Are we hurt? Scared? Sad? Angry? Or could it simply be the result of taking our first deep breath of new air and letting out a mighty roar to let the world know we have arrived! After all…babies are small. Insignificant, perhaps. An unwrapped gift of which as time passes, we discover what’s inside. Transition from one place to the next can be scary…like being born into a “cold, cruel world”...

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North Carolina Azalea Festival Celebrates 70 Years with Southern Flair & Fanfare

Wilmington Welcomes Spring in a Colorful and Festive Way! Southern Belles in the Garden   [photo by Dawn Damico] **News Release** Wilmington, N.C. – April 1, 2017: April has arrived in all its blooming glory just in time for the North Carolina Azalea Festival, April 5 through 9. One of the state’s oldest and largest annual events, the N.C. Azalea Festival celebrates 70 years in 2017 with Southern flair and fanfare in honor of the millions of azaleas making their perennial debut. Certified by the Azalea Society of America as an official “Azalea City”, Wilmington is a flowering showcase during...

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The Man from Morocco

“If you keep taking pictures, these men will break your camera” Viewed from the Moroccan shore, Spain’s mountainous shadows loomed in the distance. The early morning sky melded with the sea in a clash of clear blue. Fishermen reeled in their silver catch from the Mediterranean, as people huddled around them. At 7:30 a.m., only a handful of people were casually strolling along the shore. The others were busy bargaining for the best of the haul, then carrying their bounty with them as they hurried away to meet their day. The moment captivated me and I began taking snapshots...

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8 Survival Tips for Women Traveling Solo

My decision to travel alone was not something I agonized over. In fact, I surprised my anxiety-ridden self by purchasing a one-way ticket to London on a whim two weeks before I was set to embark. Suffice to say, my preparation was minimal. Physically and tactically, I did alright. Emotionally, I was sort of a mess. Ideally, you will have more time to prepare for a solo journey. I was buying my backpack at REI three days before I was meant to board the plane, and I was bringing shoes I had not yet had the time to break...

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