Month: March 2017

Does Oatmeal Contain Gluten?

The short answer is no…and maybe. Let’s first take a step back for a quick review of what gluten is. Gluten is a protein composite mostly found in foods made of wheat and related grains like barley and rye. However, gluten can also be found in non-food items like cosmetics, hair care products, and even dermatological products. These products are mostly topical based lotions or skin care products. Gluten by and of itself may not be a problem; however, some people are not able to properly digest it. That’s when there is a problem. That problem usually shows up...

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Prague with New Eyes

I was terrified because I didn’t know what to expect. On the one hand, my curiosity and sense of adventure was piqued; on the other hand… Looking at pictures, Prague looked beautiful. It’s a historically rich city in the Czech Republic with awe-inspiring architecture and a culture unlike anything I had ever experienced. On the one hand, my curiosity and sense of adventure was piqued; on the other hand… I was terrified. Vibrancy and life in Prague… To remedy anxiety, I got busy arranging the practical details of the trip. First, I made sure my passport was current and...

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Does Food from Grain Fed Animals Contain Gluten?

Meat should be gluten free but the road it takes from field to table may expose it to gluten contamination… Avoiding gluten in meat may seem simple, but… Celiac disease and gluten intolerance can be difficult to manage because it involves navigating through a maze of labels and packages surrounding a product (food) that we consume throughout the day. This isn’t a simple task! Think about it. Someone who is allergic to a bee sting knows an encounter with a bee is dangerous. Simple enough, right? However, someone who cannot digest gluten properly has to read through labels and...

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12 Heathy Tips for Life on the Road

Nothing can spoil a well-deserved vacation faster than getting sick… Remember to eat fresh fruits and vegetables…but use caution in countries that lack proper sanitation The bags are packed, itinerary planned, important documents copied and uploaded to the cloud; outfits matched, liquids shrunk to 3oz increments, pre-check-ins completed and you’re ready to head out the door. But just as you lock the front door to head out on your next adventure a fleeting thought passes through your mind: I hope I don’t get sick or gain 20 pounds! Nothing can spoil a well-deserved vacation faster than a migraine, muscle...

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Back Streets of Fukuoka

It was raining in the back streets of Fukuoka. Through it I could see the outline of the ramen restaurant I had been directed to for lunch. It was the kind of misty rain that softens the edges of the world and transforms it into a watercolour, but will soak you through just like any other rain. I smiled at the four standing in the rain… Two couples were already waiting outside, chatting under domed white umbrellas. The door slid open, all faded wood and motorized rollers, and a waitress stepped out to usher me in. I smiled at...

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