Month: February 2017

The Super Bar Incident – A Minnie Markwood Mystery

Just a bite…a clue…a little peak into this story… A loud thunk and the sound of shattering glass had me bolt upright in my chair. I froze and swallowed hard. I quietly eased the recliner footrest down and sat still as a statue, holding my breath and listening. The partial wall by the front door blocked the view of my kitchen table, which was right under the kitchen window. I slipped out of my recliner and crept quietly into the kitchen. The window was smashed to bits, and on the table beneath it, was a piece of paper wrapped...

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Is Quinoa Gluten-Free?

Quinoa not only cooks faster than other grains such as rice and couscous, it is chock full of essential nutrients Quinoa is just as comfortable on the breakfast table as it is in your lunch box and the dinner table! Although this question may seem relatively straightforward, the answer is actually slightly more complicated. In its pure form, quinoa is a gluten free grain. However, many quinoa based products contain high enough levels of gluten that those who suffer from celiac or are gluten intolerant may experience a reaction. In general, however, quinoa is considered to be safe for...

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