Month: February 2017

How to Conquer the Top 3 Healthy Food Challenges [Gluten Free, Paleo, Raw]

With some planning and creative thinking, your gluten-free life will become much easier to enjoy! Eating healthy with a gluten free, paleo, or other special diet choice is easy…and delicious! It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that eating gluten-free is a curse you simply have to live with; however, the truth is the only hard thing about it is having to break your old eating habits and make new, better ones. With some planning and creative thinking, your gluten-free life will become much easier to deal with using these powerful tips. Healthy Food Challenge #1: I...

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Chase Away the Blues One Bite at a Time

Is What You’re Eating Affecting Your Happiness? Do you ever feel life is speeding by, making you anxious…even sad? Do you ever feel as if life is speeding along, filling you up with anxious thoughts, draining you of energy to the point you just don’t want to get out of bed? Do you wonder how other people seem to bounce through life without a care in the world and have it all together, while others suffer (openly or privately) with feelings of dread and uneasiness? How is it that in a world where we are arguably safer and have...

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Sutter’s Mill Marshall Gold Discovery

Tucked in the Foothills of the Sierra Nevadas… The Coloma river is a great place to play…and pan for gold! California was largely unpopulated in 1848 and just becoming a U.S. territory after the Mexican-American War. A Swiss immigrant named John Sutter had a supply fort, in what is now Sacramento, to support the few pioneers coming west in search of fertile farm land. Sutter commissioned James Marshall to build him a sawmill 45 miles away along the bank of the American River. On January 24, 1848, James Marshall happened upon a few small flakes of gold by the...

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Gluten Free and Paleo Diet Weight Loss: Myth or Truth?

You have to approach your food choices more holistically… Healthy food is easier and more beautiful than you ever imagined! It’s easy to be romanced by Hollywood about the latest diet craze. Most people want to lose weight. And, the term “gluten-free” is on the tip of everyone’s tongue as being healthy. But is this talk of gluten free diet weight loss true? Or is a gluten free diet for losing weight just urban legend? Myth #1: Gluten Free Diets Automatically Make you Lose Weight The biggest problem with this claim is that it looks at only one part...

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Savi’s Wine and Cheese [New Bern, NC]

A friend brings a bottle of wine to dinner…A good friend brings two! Walk up the steps, open the door, and step back in time as you enter the cozy hall of Savi’s Wine. Located in downtown New Bern just a short stroll from Tryon Palace, Savi’s is a 1770’s historic home which has been lovingly restored and turned into something locals and visitors will appreciate! Don’t be surprised if you catch the smells of home simmering from the back of the house. During our visit, the chef was busy in the kitchen. First preparing a presentation of cheese,...

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