Month: January 2017

Grandma’s Lost Habits [Wisdom and Healthy Lifestyles from the Old Country]

Everything we ate was grown at a walking distance from where she lived… Even ghosts stop to have lunch in Southern Italy! The air outside was warm and you could sense the coming of summer. It was lunchtime, and the sun was at its height. Not a soul to be seen. Even ghosts stop to have lunch in Southern Italy! The table was set. The colors of that Mediterranean land lay on that table. Large fresh green olives, freshly picked tomatoes dressed with oregano and olive oil, thinly sliced fennel with a pinch of pepper, succulent slices of homemade...

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This is Battleground? Good Eats and Big Outdoors in Washington

Clever chap. Except no one called him that… Battleground, Washington…a mix of the natural world, amusing history, and good eats! Strong’s Battle Ground. What an interesting name in light of the fact that Captain William Strong successfully talked his way out of doing battle. That was way back in 1855 when Strong, post commander at Fort Vancouver, was left to protect the fort while most of the other soldiers went off to fight. Some incarcerated Klickitat tribe members, held for fear they’d join the opposition, escaped. When Strong went after them he talked them into returning without warfare. Clever...

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Can a Gluten Free Diet be Dangerous?

It’s estimated 30-40% are gluten sensitive and don’t know it Reducing or eliminating wheat from your diet may have positive health benefits… Anytime you add the word “diet” to something, it seems like Hollywood and all the latest fitness fanatics will chime in on whether it’s good, bad, or the next best way to lose weight. We have the South Beach diet, the Jenny Craig Diet, the Atkinson Diet, and most recently, a Gluten Free Diet. But going gluten free isn’t just a fad. And although many who have started following a gluten diet have reported losing weight as...

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The Marriage Kiss of Death

Romantic comedies are entertaining, dramas can tear at your heartstrings, but the best kind of marriage to have, in my humble opinion, is the real kind… Love…isn’t always like the movies… They say if you win an Oscar for best actor…and you’re female, you better start sizing up a new ring because if your marriage isn’t already on the rocks, it’s about to be. It’s the Oscar curse, and women who get one soon find themselves divorced. Yikes! I don’t know how true this really is; however, it may be beneficial for everyone to separate reality from any sort...

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7 Delicious Gluten Free Lunch Ideas

It’s Lunch Time. You have banned Gluten from your diet…now what!? Why not get lunch containers to dress up lunchtime…. A gluten free diet shouldn’t mean you will never enjoy a great meal again. In fact, did you know there is a plethora (don’t you love that word!?) of tasty, interesting, and filling foods you can eat with absolutely zero guilt! So many people realize that once they have eaten without gluten for awhile, they actually feel so much better that it’s easy to continue on the gluten free diet path. As time goes on, you won’t even miss...

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