Month: December 2016

I Think Ill Go By Myself: Finding the Beauty of Traveling Alone

“I think I’ll go by myself…” Discover what can happen when you travel alone…. I told my family, exasperated that our family travel plans to the mountains had fallen through.  They encouraged me to go, probably wondering whether my anxiety would convince me otherwise. Three days later, I booked a flight to Denver, Colorado, determined to vacation alone to finish the first draft of a novel that had been a weight on my shoulder for months, to escape my frustrating career for a week, and to find something. Myself, maybe? When I booked the flight, I still didn’t know...

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Taste the World: The Best Wine Tours Across the World

“I love everything that is old; old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wines.” Wine tours are a great way to broaden your horizons, have fun, and enjoy tasting some excellent wine along the way. With a history dating back thousands of years, however, even the most ardent wine lover would be hard pressed to visit all of the great wine-making regions of the world. If it were possible, though, there would be some can’t-miss stops from California all the way to the land down under. Here are some of the richest, wine-producing regions in the world....

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The Choices of Successful People

“Successful people are successful because they make better choices…” How would it look if you knew exactly which choices to make to get the life you want? It’s normal to look at other people’s life and wonder how they got so “lucky” and you didn’t. But wait….aren’t you lucky too?! You see, some people can start to feel “stuck” in life because things are not going exactly as they had hoped. They look at everyone around them, people who they perceive to have something different or better than what they have, and begin to believe everyone else has some...

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I Am Blessed…And So Are You!

I could be walking the dog down the beach, driving to an appointment in the rain, folding laundry and laughing at the dog as he chases squirrels in his sleep, or dancing in the kitchen while I slice and dice and put together an every-day sort of salad to be served with a couple glasses of wine. These are all simple things. Nothing grand. And yet…I know…I am blessed. And so are you because every moment of every day we have an opportunity to do something. To think something. To dream something. To see something. To love someone. To...

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How To Find Your Soulmate…The Art of Loving

“Master the art of loving, and everything else will fall into place.” “How do I find my soul mate”? “How do I recognize my soul mate when I meet him or her?” “What, exactly, can I do to attract a soul mate?” These are the most popular questions my coaching clients ask me. I answer these questions the same way each time. “Master the art of loving, and everything else will fall into place.” So many of us assume that true love is what we see in movies and on television. In Hollywood films, the hero and heroine meet,...

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