Month: November 2016

Can What You Eat Make You Sad? [The Joy of Eating]

When you’re eyeballing a pretty pink donut, or lusting after a juicy burger loaded up with your favorite toppings, the last thing on your mind is whether or not it’s good for you. You just don’t care. The temptation is set before you. Really, you wonder, what harm can come from it? Turns out, the “guilt police” lose the battle when your senses are locked in on a little food porn. Hey, I’m right there with you. I indulge. I enjoy. And, I don’t feel any guilt after swallowing what “experts” say will harden my arteries and make me...

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Live Every Day Golden [How to Grab Happy]

“I spent my younger years doing what I was told to, my adult years doing what I had to… My golden years are for what I want to do!” There is a whole generation of people who have this exact same sentiment. It’s the way it was…the way it has been for a very long time…and yet… There is a whole NEW generation of people who are figuring out how to do what they want to do NOW while they are doing what they have to do in order to accomplish those “golden” opportunities. It’s a whole new way...

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Waterfalls in Iceland [Travel to Foss Wonderland]

The thunder of tons of water endlessly falling onto the riverbed below. The spray of fine, cool mist swirling in the air. The constant power, strong enough to change the landscape yet somehow silken soft. A waterfall is an amazing experience! Here in Iceland we bring you close to some of the most beautiful waterfalls, or foss, in the world. Dettifoss, or Fallling Falls, made famous in movies like Prometheus, is Europe’s most powerful. Skógarfoss, or Forest Falls, is said to hide a hidden treasure ~ a chest of gold and riches sits behind its intense veil. The waters...

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Island in the Sun: The Other Palm Beach

In the famous misquote, F. Scott Fitzgerald says: “The rich are different from you and me.” Ernest Hemingway replies: “Yes. They have more money.” The sedate island of Palm Beach thumbs its Worth Avenue nose at Miami’s flamboyant South Beach. Winter elite never carry cash and party on yachts the size of RMS Queen Mary 2. Best-selling author James Patterson lives here thanks to the boatload of fans that buy his books. Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Club is sanctuary to pampered billionaires. We can pass all this material wealth on US Highway 95 and never know it’s there. So why...

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