Month: October 2016

Old Books, Old Friends

Books and animals are my life passions. Maybe it’s because they give so freely, so innocently, yet ask for so little in return. Just to be enjoyed, appreciated, and gently scratched behind the ears. To the casual passer-by, a book may just be a book, an animal just an animal, but open up the cover, peer into the soul, and you have the opportunity to learn something more about the author, about the animal…and perhaps about you. Because I am now semi-retired, I prefer paper, hand-held books. I am totally addicted to them, still. Pages I print out from...

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Sipping Cider in Beaufort, NC

“We have hot apple cider. With or without rum” Tucked just a block or so down from the waterfront of Beaufort, NC (pronounced bo-fert) on Queen Street you’ll find the Beaufort Grocery Company. This December afternoon was crisp and sunny, cool enough for a skillfully wrapped winter scarf, but not so cold to require a jacket. Decembers in North Carolina are like that. You can be wearing shorts, running on the beach on Monday, and then be bundled up for a romantic dinner on the water on Friday night. That’s how this week has been! But this Saturday afternoon...

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