Month: September 2016

Take Eggplant for a Dip [Recipe for a Smoky Dip or Spread]

Shades of night, passionate purple, with antioxidants and fiber to help your body feel alive. That’s the eggplant. What started out wild in India, then cultivated in China, has been tamed and renamed in regions all over the world. For the French, it’s aubergine; for Italians, it’s melongene; and we Americans can thank Thomas Jefferson for wandering the European countryside and bringing this fruit to the States in 1806.’s a fruit, like the tomato, but as they say… “Don’t put it in a fruit salad” Sought after antioxidants, vital for disease prevention possibly including some cancers (suggest some...

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Going Coastal: Bald Head Island and Southport, NC

The northeast was being hammered by the first blizzard of the season so like a migratory bird seeking a warmer climate I ventured south to Southport and Bald Head Island for a little weekend getaway. The draw was a couple of lighthouses, an historic little waterfront town, and the promise of great Sunday weather. No set plans, just a camera and a sense of curiosity. I wanted to challenge my brain and sense of direction so I kept the GPS off and turned on my map-reading skills. Now, as I’ve mentioned before, I tend to read maps upside down....

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The Ronnie Belle: Answering the Call of the Sea

They called him Capt. Ron, a crusty old salt. He served in the Merchant marine after coming out of the Maritime Academy, class of ’63. For over 30 years Capt. Ron has seen practically every port there is. Now, in the twilight of his years he still yearns for one last great voyage. A voyage of self discovery as he called it. To him it is part of who he is. The calling of the sea has always beckoned him back. It was just two years ago that the Captain noticed a 70ft. Passage Maker being auctioned off. A...

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