Month: August 2016

Who Doesn’t Want to be Unapologetically Happy?

When was the last time you were happy? Not just “content” or “not sad” but unapologetically, spontaneously, happy? Turns out, many of us have to think long and hard to remember the last time.  That seems crazy, right? With all our modern conveniences like fast food, fast cars, and instant access to just about everything at the touch of a button or a swipe of your fingertips, you would think we would all be giddy with excitement every day, all the time. But, we’re not… Too many people suffer from feelings that range from mild uneasiness and worry, to...

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California Lighthouses [Discovery Spotlight]

“Lighthouses are noble human achievements, the material from whence comes drama, poetry, artistry, peril and rescue. They are guideposts marking watery highways leading to everywhere…” There are nearly 50 lighthouses located along the shore of California. As the population of San Francisco exploded from the 1849 Gold Rush, the great migration and demand for building materials increased the ship traffic along the coast. The first lighthouse on the west coast was erected on Alcatraz Island in 1854 in response to a growing number of shipwrecks. Lighthouse keepers would live at each lighthouse with their families to ensure the light...

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Born Happy? Guide to Happiness 101 [Video with Simple Happy Tips]

We were born happy. Oh, maybe we were crying, kicking, and filling our lungs with the first breath of fresh air as we emerged from our mother’s womb. That’s just part of the grand entrance! Still…we were happy. Maybe not right when the cold air hit us in the face…but shortly thereafter. Wouldn’t it be great if we could experience the same kind of curiosity, joy, and carefree playfulness which we experienced as children? Not just once in a while….but most of the time? With our sharing-centric online social culture, sometimes I wonder how many people are happy…and how...

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Happy Meals: 3 Easy Go-To Meals for Your On-the-Go Life

In our member’s recent newsletter article about being unapologetically happy, we outlined 3 steps you can take today to brighten your day, and your mood. PS – if you’re not already a subscriber…what are you waiting for? You get free, quality Vitabella inspired stuff you can use right away. And, you get it first! Come on…grab a little bit of the good life (and a free gift!)…click here As with most things happy and healthy (and delicious), all roads lead to the grocery store, or the farmer’s market, or your own backyard / patio / window garden. It’s about...

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Breathtaking Sorrento and a Wedding [Love, Italian Style]

A light breeze from the sea caressed my face. The air was warm. It was a pleasant mild morning. From afar, gazing in my direction was the quiet ruler of Napoli: the Vesuvius. Neapolitans have lived under its peaceful rule since 1944. Yet, it hasn’t always been that way. That fascinating Volcano has been responsible for havoc and destruction. Pliny the Younger, a Roman poet, recounts the last moments of Pompeii in a letter to his friend Tacitus – it is breathtaking. I was sipping a fresh Tassoni. A drink too often overlooked outside of Italy. It is a...

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