Month: July 2016

An Italian Journey [Part 1]

My wife and I used to quarrel about Italian food. I would argue that Italian is the best cuisine in the world, she would disagree. I would cry out that mozzarella is not a cheese but just mozzarella, she would laugh. I loved pasta, she barely ate it, and she called it boring. It would confuse her if I said that Italians were not all the same and that every region had its own life. My wife is Spanish/American, and I had to do something. So we decided to embark on a journey. Last October, we took some time...

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The Art of Little Indulgences [Go ahead, you’re worth it]

 Nobody needs a $25 bottle of lotion…and And…sometimes not needing it is exactly why you need to buy it anyway. Especially when it’s something that smells delicious and makes your skin feel pampered. That’s how it was for me today as I ventured into my favorite little seaside shop, Beaufort Linen Company. Why is it my favorite? Because it looks and feels how I want to look and feel. The fabrics are soft, the lotions smell indulgent, the carefully hand-picked jewelry is beautiful without being pretentious, the robes and sleepwear will carry your imagination to a balcony overlooking the...

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Coconut Skin [Is This the WD-40 of Beauty & Health?]

Want hair that shines? Heels of a Goddess (or God)? Skin that glows? Then coconut oil (yep, the same stuff you use for cooking) and coconut water could give you everything you ever desired….well, almost! Hair that Shines: Apply about a teaspoon of coconut oil for short hair in the palm of your hands, a little more for long hair,  and rub together until the oil forms. (In cooler temperatures, the oil will be solid so you have to make it liquid!) Rub it into your hair, starting at the roots. Wrap in a towel for 15-20 minutes or...

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A Tomato A Day Keeps the Doctor Away [The Alluring Love Apple]

It’s a fruit that acts like a vegetable… The French call it the “love apple” while the Italians call it Pomodoro…the “golden apple.” They may never agree on the name! Tomatoes originate from a single ovary, so it can also be called a berry. Berries are nutritional powerhouses. So, too, are the over one thousand varieties of tomatoes.  Tomatoes provide a bushel of vitamins, antioxidants, and phytonutrients which help your body to be healthy. While science discovers more and more health benefits packed into each juicy, delicious bite of tomato, it seems ordinary people have been exploring and enjoying...

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