Month: June 2016

Apple Power Smoothies [3 Simple Recipes for Liquid Sunshine]

Sometimes, you just wanna drink your breakfast…or lunch…or snack without adding a lot of processed sugar or chemicals. Smoothies are an easy, healthy way to begin your day, or provide a little pick-me-up in the afternoon. You can take the basic recipes here and add stuff like protein powder, chia seeds, and nuts to turn it into a meal. The directions are easy: Layer the ingredients in your high-powered blender beginning with the liquid. This makes it easier for your blades to chop and puree everything perfectly. You can store in mason jars and freeze to enjoy later in...

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You Can’t Turn Back Time…But Try This! [Anti-Aging]

Just when you thought the answer for looking younger only involved cosmetics, pills or diet changes, a new activity has made the top of the list… Sex! Yes, this past time could become one of your favorite anti-aging strategies. Just when you thought you knew all the benefits of having sex, you can now include “looking younger” to the list. As we age, we always search for answers about how to look and feel younger. The most readily available suggestions include eating the right foods, preventing illness, exercising, and other healthy habits that protect your skin and give your...

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5 Tips to Look Younger Without Surgery [Everyday Beauty]

Wanting to look younger has very little to do with vanity. Many women simply want their physical appearance to match the age of their vibrant minds. You may be a mother, have a successful and prestigious career, or be involved in various community activities. Anyone in these positions demand respect; however, that veil of respect often results in being seen as “older.” Older or not, you want to look as vibrant as you feel at any age, right? And we all understand that being seen as old in wisdom and old by daily wear and tear are two completely...

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Fairytale Brownies – Wings Optional [Chocolate Review]

Bite-sized, melt in your mouth, heaven… Fairytale Brownies are 3” x 3” little bites of heaven! The top has a light, flaky crust and as you bite in your mouth is delighted by its rich fudge texture. It’s a small square and you’ll notice that 1 serving is just 200 calories…but the serving size is just half of the brownie. So, this really is a treat to be taken lightly. The good news is, if you have some willpower and just want to take the edge off your chocolate craving…just a couple bites will do. No willpower? Go for...

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